Whodunit series 4

……..Me? I just watched everyone do what they had to do. This cases had obviously got me interested, but what was a girl, not even the slightest related to the police department ,to do? Investigate? That only happened in foreign movies. Not here, here we minded our business. All I did was lock my doors and hope that I had not locked myself in with evil.…..

tick tok

That was the only sound in the apartment that evening, and the previous and the day before that basically since I rented the apartment. I was fresh from college and had not come around getting a job yet let alone filling the house up. The high unemployment rates did not help either. I got on with odd jobs and today being a waitress was more tiring than any job I’d ever had. 12 hours of constant walking and attending to irate hungry customers did no good for my mood and my bones. All I wanted was to sleep and hopefully dream of a better tomorrow. And who knows maybe my dreams would come true.

So I lay on the old rickety couch that my parents had given me as I went to start a new life alone. God bless their sweet souls, they probably thought I was making it here in the city, I had a prestigious degree after all….I wasn’t about to tolerate the depressing thoughts so I closed my eyes and tried to will some sleep.

Not going to lie, I once had good instincts. Before coming to the city I could tell dangerous situations just by the ‘vibe’ I don’t know why I loved that word anyway, guess I thought it was cool. But now, I had lost the good instinct once had. I had been robbed by people who had a good ‘vibe’. I had seen people with bad ‘vibes’ do good things. That was what the city was, grey. Not black and white, just grey. So maybe that’s why I didn’t notice that presence in the apartment that day. And if I did I could have realized it had a bad ‘vibe’

I was having a dream_less tired sleep when I felt it at first. Almost like a light tap on my face. Then another one. Of course I woke up at that. It wasn’t like I was enjoying my sleep anyway. Right in front of me stood a dark figure. I couldn’t see their eyes but I could feel their evil stare almost burning into me. This wasn’t a movie and I was not the movie protagonist whose scream dried in my throat. I’m only human. And so I let out the loudest, most scared shriek I had ever heard in my entire life.

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