I remember an article I once read. Thrasher hoodies and Drake are cool, Ariana Grande and sweet coffee is too girly and therefore uncool. This is the only sentence that stuck with me from the whole article…not because what was written was boring but because this one sentence got me thinking. And of course led me into days of introspection. I’m guilty of the same mindset…being a tomboy is cool, loving pink and Barbie just isn’t. Being girly is stupid and weak and just plain annoying. Being all black and headstrong and basically more masculine is strong and more acceptable. And so I declared myself a tomboy for the longest time. But in light of that one sentence, I decided to read more on the topic.

And I found out that this mindset can be traced from feminism. Most specifically the second wave of feminism that for lack of a more fitting word demonized feminine traits like wearing makeup,dresses, talking in high pitched voices the whole jazz. Maybe the goal of these feminists was to make women more noticeable, more competitive in the male dominated world. To prove the saying, what a man can do a woman can do better. I’ve declared myself a feminist and I believe my version of feminism is ever changing, ever growing to avoid closed mindsets such as toxic, man_hating feminism. A while back I would have convinced you that feminism is all about females showing more masculine traits like over competitiveness to be seen and heard but now I don’t.

The most empowering thing a feminist can do is accept themselves as they are. And accept the behaviours, traits, quirks that come with it. Even if the society might be set on perceiving them as weakness. Because as I’ve said before, feminism is about empowerment. And you can’t empower someone you don’t want to accept.

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