Pains of the pandemic

The country is going through yet another lockdown……

People who have left the country have to go through a 14 day quarantine….

With new Covid infections being at…..

The death toll has risen to…..

The curfew officially starts at …..

Just last year even I admitted these were new vocabularies. Right now though I’m pretty sure these particular words have been used more than freedom and happy if you get my gist. When Corona became a world pandemic, I, alongside a lot of people optimistically hoped it was a yearly thing. We said 2020 in disgusted tones, couldn’t wait for the cursed year to be over. When 2021 came, our hopes were up waiting for the disease to magically disappear but I think me and a lot of people forget that years are just a human evolution and days move the same despite the year change. Just a few months in, Corona had lashed out his claws again, infection cases rising, lockdowns happening again.

I remember last year writing a post on how I viewed the pandemic, ending it in penultimate motivational vibes of….go easy on everything. But now when I look back, maybe that message doesn’t really suit everyone. If you look at it, a person who has lost every means of income can obviously not just go easy. A person who is using the last of his/her income to treat themselves or their loved ones of the disease will not go easy. Telling them that is almost like rubbing salt on an already festering wound. It hurts enough already.

Such pains always come with their own mental health issues. In the past one year, statistics have shown a sudden spike in the number of people who are in mental distress. Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders are on the rise. And if I am to be honest, my own mental health has been pretty tough on me as well. I cannot count the number of times I’ve had random anxiety attacks, worrying about the already blurry future that from this end has gotten uncertain.

This has led to a new pandemic, cases of domestic murders have increased. Every day on every news channel there are new reports of domestic arguments gone deadly. And even in some bizarre cases, peaceful loving families that have in the spur of the moment murdered each other. As in the monotonous words of experts, this is due to the mental health issues that have been on the rise. People have been pushed too much to the corner they are finally breaking.

This wasn’t a doomsday post, here to remind you of how tough everything has become. Neither was this a motivational post of go easy or we’re in this together. This is just a call for hope. Of better days to come. I’ve heard of a wiser person who said…..hope is never lost.

Also yesterday was earth day…so Happy Earth day!!

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