Bipolar disorder

It’s been a while since I wrote anything…anxiety has been kicking my butt. But I think writing is my little sign I’m getting better. For me, finding inspiration on what to write is usually comes very randomly. So the other day I was watching the news when two successful public figures talk about their struggle with bipolar disorder. I’ve read about bipolar as I was researching on depression but never really put too much thought into it. So watching these two who would look like they are living the perfect lives as top athlete and hotshot politician…I just got a little curious. And so I went down the rabbit hole trying to understand bipolar disorder.

*This information however is aimed at spreading awareness and not for self diagnosis.

Through all the research I’ve done, one thing stands out..bipolar is a disorder associated with mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs. Causes for this are unknown but genetics, environment and altered brain structures and chemicals play a part. The two mood swings are two sides of the same coin, manic episodes manifesting through high energy, reduced need to sleep, loss of touch with reality, a decreased need to sleep, increased talkativeness among other symptoms. On the other depressive side of the coin, there is low energy, low motivation, lack of interest in daily activities, insomnia or sleeping too much and significant weight loss. The symptoms will obviously vary from person to person. This disease can occur in any age group as well leaving no age group at more risk than the other.

There are,different types of bipolar, Bipolar 1 disorder, Bipolar 2 disorder, Cyclothymic bipolar disorder among others. The most common forms of treatment are therapy and medication but in some cases may require palliative/ hospitalised care.

To be honest, as I listened to these two people talk about their struggle with BPD, I couldn’t help but wonder how great it was that they had achieved the highest echelons in their respective feilds even with their mental health struggles. Through people like them, stigma around mental health is slowly erased as we see a different light to people struggling with mental issues as not people in straight jackets drooling all over themselves but as normal functioning and even highly achieved humans. They make us see mental issues just as another hurdle in life and not necessarily a stop to it. And if that doesn’t give hope to me and other people struggling with mental health issues, I don’t know what does.

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